4 diseases from cats that can transmit to people. Take good care of each other

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4 diseases from cats that can transmit to people. Take good care of each other.

Which house has a cat who is the boss of the house? In addition to having to vaccinate your younger sibling against rabies, There are สมัคร ufabet other contagious diseases. That cats can carry to humans as well. Come get to know and be up to date. For good health I will have the power to fully raise my younger siblings. Look at the details on each picture.

4 diseases from cats that can be transmitted to people

1. Cat scratch fever

     Cause: A wound from being bitten or scratched by a cat and infected with a type of bacteria that lives in the cat’s mouth or nails.
     Symptoms: There are red blisters and blisters in the area where the cat scratched or bit. After that, when the red blisters disappear. You will have a low-grade fever, headache, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes near the wound, such as if you were bitten on the arm. The lymph nodes in the armpits will become swollen. 

2. Cat ringworm disease

     Cause: touching, hugging, holding a cat infected with fungus 
     Symptoms: The skin has small red circles. Or it can be a large band with flakes around the band and itching in that area. 

3. Cat fever 

     The cause is caused by Toxoplasma parasites in cat feces. When collecting the litter box, you may accidentally touch it and not wash your hands thoroughly. and germs enter the body When handling food
     Symptoms if your immune system is good There will be only symptoms of enlarged lymph nodes and they will go away on their own. But if the landscape is low May cause pneumonia. What is worrisome is If infected during pregnancy May cause birth defects in the baby.

4. Diarrhea caused by bacteria in cat feces.

     The cause is touching the cat’s poop. that contain Salmonella bacteria and not washing hands properly
    Symptoms in general may include fever, abdominal pain, and loose diarrhea, but in people with low immunity May have an infection in the bloodstream or meningitis