Anxiety disorders that should not be overlooked

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Anxiety disorders that should not be overlooked

The following 5 anxiety disorders are diseases that should not be ignored.

1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder: GAD

 Characterized by persistent, intense worry about things even after the event has resolved. This is often a matter related to daily living, such as work, finances, health, or family living. Patients with this disease are often unable to adjust to the same events that have occurred and continue to think about the same things over and over, which affects various aspects, including physical symptoms, such as heart palpitations, insomnia, and frequent abdominal pain.

Regarding the symptoms of thoughts that are obsessed with the same things over and over, even though you know that they are irrational thoughts, you are unable to let go of those thoughts. and always worrying about things that have not yet come The appropriate way to cope is to face the stimulus gradually. Practice muscle control and breathing control. and reduce negative thoughts, etc.

2. Fear of Phobias

Excessive fear. which the patient himself feels unreasonable and is not suitable for what is stimulating But he couldn’t suppress his fear. and try to avoid confronting the things that cause fear Often accompanied by physical symptoms. When encountering a stimulus that causes fear, such as heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, sweating, trembling hands, and fainting,

Which occurs repeatedly with these foods for ufabet at least 6 months continuously, the fear may cause by encounters with animals, injuries, activities, situations such as One in particular. That causes tension to the point of interfering with daily life, such as fear of open spaces, fear of small spaces, fear of blood, fear of needles, fear of speaking in front of the community, fear of high places, fear of loud noises, or fear of animals, etc.

3. Panic Disorder

Panic disorder that occurs repeatedly with many physical symptoms at the same time. Including heart palpitations, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, fainting, stomach cramps, numbness all over the body, fear of not being able to control oneself, fear that one might die. Is there something stimulating or not? It usually happens immediately. Unpredictable and difficult to control For those suffering from this disease, people will experience intense fright that lasts intermittently or lasts for hours. Including the ability to come back again.

This results in constant fear and worry that makes it impossible to lead a normal life. It is a disease of unknown cause. and is more common in females than males In addition. This disease can lead to other conditions such as depression, drug addiction, etc. Psychiatric treatment should obtaine. It is treatment with medicine along with psychotherapy. It will allow you to control your life normally. And by dealing with it appropriately In the following ways, give positive encouragement. Relaxation by stretching the body Making creative art to convey emotions Get enough rest. and reduce alcohol consumption, etc.