Benefits of drinking coconut water while pregnant.

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The nutrients in coconut water help enhance the health of the mother and fetus. Therefore, it may reduce the risk of health problems and complications during pregnancy as follows:

  1. Prevent dehydration

Your doctor may advise you to drink more water during pregnancy. On average, about 3 liters per day or 8–12 glasses per day because the mother’s body needs water for the baby. Dehydration causes harm to mother and baby. They experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, cramps, and swelling UFABET

Therefore, drinking coconut water helps prevent the mother’s body from becoming dehydrated and increases her daily fluid intake. Coconut water is also delicious, easy to drink, refreshing and reduces tiredness and fatigue that are often experienced during pregnancy.

  1. Prevents mineral salt imbalance in the body.

Imbalance of mineral salts in the body ( Electrolyte Imbalance ) is a condition that occurs when the body loses the balance of mineral salts and electrolytes. That helps maintain normal body function. Whether it is the brain, muscles, nerves, and other systems, this condition usually occurs when the body is dehydrated. If the mother does not drink enough water or has lost a large amount of water in the body

Morning sickness usually occurs in the first trimester. Nausea and vomiting cause the mother to lose water and minerals in her body. Until it can cause dehydration and mineral salt imbalance. Therefore, drinking coconut water may help compensate for the fluid and minerals within the body caused by morning sickness. Including mothers who lose sweat from exercising during pregnancy.