Arsenal continued to stumble as they were sacked 1-1 by Brentford.

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Arsenal continued to stumble as they were sacked 1-1 by Brentford. Although Leandro Trossar managed to score his first goal for the new club.

The game started 5 minutes ago, Brentford had a chance when Evan Tony crossed from the right into the center, Rico Henry charged. But Aaron Ramsdale was frightened out to block. quickly

In the 8th minute, Arsenal played the ball in a beautiful hole. Martin Odegaard passed into the penalty area on the right side for Gabriel Martinelli to reach the end of the back line and try. The temple is in the middle. But David Raya is still frightened and blocked to leave the back.

In the 15th minute, the artillery had a chance when Bukayo Saka went into the penalty area on the right side and poked the horseshoe with a narrow left foot. UFABET But the ball went straight to David Raya, who had completely closed the corner.

Brentford played without fear at all. In the 25th minute. Tony flowed along the left side of the penalty area for Brian Mbeumo to slip into the middle. And it was Tony who ran to the point. Make an appointment and immediately shoot with the right. But the ball hit the crossbar after going.

The games of both teams exchanged fun.

In the 37th minute, it was another chance for the visiting team. Christian Norgard dipped the ball back out for Mathian Jensen to run into the front of the penalty area and cross the crossbar.

In the 43rd minute, it was the turn of the cannon. Ben White, thrown from the end of the right back line to the far post for Granit Chaka to head in the middle. And it was Martinelli who immediately struck the left. But went over the beam again

The first half is still tied at 0-0.

In the second half, Arsenal dominated the ball to attack on almost one side. Saka spun with his left foot from the right side of the penalty area. But Raya was still able to save.

But Brentford made a terrifying counterattack in the 56th minute, Jensen flowed later. Allowing Tony to put his foot off the post a little bit.

Finally, Arsenal got the goal 1-0 they wanted until Odegaard paid through the right side of the penalty area for Saka to squeeze through. And push the far post to Leandro Trossar, the newly substituted. Only 4 minutes down, put your feet open, tung net.

But Brentford didn’t give up easily, chasing a 1-1 draw in the 74th minute from a melee ball that the visiting team played in the air in the penalty area 2-3 strokes before Christian Norgaard bogged down. The left side of the penalty area came to the center for Ivan Tony to set his neck to head into the goal.

At the end of the game, although the artillery will try to move forward and attack hard But could not do anything The game ended with a 1-1 draw, causing Arsenal to not win the league for 2 games in a row.