Baccarat history in Italy.

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There’s a fair amount of evidence for the theory that baccarat history. And in fact the history of all card games, begins in Italy. The Italian card game of Tarrochi – related to what we no know as tarot cards – is often seen as the predecessor to all card games. And so must appear in the lineage of baccarat. A game called Macao played in the 1700s bears more similarities to modern baccarat though. And in fact is sometimes known as ‘Italian Baccarat’.

Now, many cite Italian Felix Falguiere as the starting point in the tale of baccarat’s history. In this game, which was coined ‘baccara’ at the time. Tens and face cards were assigned a value of zero. But each of the four players in the game would take turns being the banker. It wasn’t long until baccara moved to the gambling capital of Europe, France.

It is presumed that soldiers returning from Italy brought the card game back with them in the late 15th century. And that over time it evolved into two popular games in France. First there was the three-person game of Baccarat en Banque. UFABET And then later Chemin de Fer emerged as a two-person game.

Still, it wasn’t until 1847 that we had our first documented mention of baccarat in the Album des Jeux, by Charles Van-Tenac. Which provided a mathematical analysis of the game, proving that baccarat history began before the mid-1800s at least. Even if this is seen as the origin of baccarat. The game played then isn’t quite the same as the one that’s popular now.

The first time that the word ‘baccarat’ appeared in print in an English-speaking country was in January 1886. When it was mentioned in the Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK.