Does card counting work in baccarat?

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The way I would measure it would be in comparison with baccarat. Let’s say you bet $100 as your absolute maximum bet at blackjack, and you play 100 hands as a card counter. And let’s suppose we’re playing a shoe game, so you have a $100 max bet when that count is really juicy and high. It turns out in a shoe game. You’re probably earning somewhere in the neighbourhood of $20 to $25 in profit for every 100 hands that go by.

Let’s put that in comparison with baccarat. Yes, you can card count the banker or player bets. There is a card counting system out there and I’ve worked on it and simulated billions of shoes of this card counting system. UFABET  So I know exactly what the thing is worth. In baccarat, a $1,000 max bet gets you $0.90 per 100 hands, so you’re betting ten times as much to earn about a 20th of the income.

Not only that, if you just sit on your hands, waiting for the opportunities when the shoe is rich enough in the good cards that you can get an edge, then you’ll be making one to two wagers every eight hours.

So, the perfect baccarat card counter will sit with a stack of $1,000 chips in front of him. Just patiently waiting for the count to be good enough. And then every three, four, five hours he will put out that $1,000 bet. And at the end of the day. What is he going to do? He’s going to have made enough money maybe for a donut and a cup of coffee in expected profit.