Leicester 4 – Spurs 1.

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Spurs are still unable to maintain continuity as before. When leaving Leicester collapsed 4-1. Although the previous game had just beaten Manchester City.

Spurs took a 1-0 lead in the 14th minute. The ball kicked in the corner from the right. Ivan Perisic curled in front of goal before Victor Christiansen. If it’s badly extracted go into Rodrigo Bentancur’s way and don’t miss it.

But Leicester equalized 1-1 in the 23rd minute from the corner kick on the left side. Maddison opened to the first post. The ball wiped to the far post before being cleared by Bentancur in the direction of Noppalis Maindy ran and smashed. Did not catch the ball, flew like a rocket into the triangle gracefully.

Two minutes later, in the 25th minute. UFABET Leicester took a 2-1 lead from a moment when Wout Fast intercepted the ball in the middle of the field to Kelechi Iheanacho. Dropping solo before choosing to pay for James Maddison. Run to blow openly through Fraser Forster to the net.

The locals almost added a rag Duwsbury-Hall flows for Kelechi Iheanacho to hit with the left. But the ball has not yet passed Fraser Forster’s hand, throwing a close shot.

And during the injury time, 45 + 4 minutes. Harry Suttar placed a long ball for Kelechi Iheanacho to raise the pendant in front of the door frame. Before pulling the rhythm and spinning with the left through the blocker like Eric Dier to escape. Forster’s hand smashed into the post to give Leicester a 3-1 lead.

In the second half.

There was still no change. In the 52nd minute, Rodrigo Bentancur turned the ball around before dragging it out of the box, but the ball was still too light and went straight to Danny Ward.

In the 58th minute, Leicester City almost won the fourth seed. After the ball went up to the left, Victor Christiansen flowed to Harvey Barnes, dribbled into a narrow corner, but went straight to Fraser Forster.

82nd minute Leicester moved to 4-1, Maddison stabbed the ball for Harvey Barnes to fall into the first post and send the ball into the net.

The moment when there were no additional goals, the game ended with Leicester 4-1 Spurs.