The Bull boss has no pressure on recalling Sergio Ramos to the national team.

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Luis de la Fuente has revealed there is no pressure on him to recall Sergio Ramos. The 36-year-old defender back into the Spanish national football team due to his past performances.

Spain coach Luis de la Fuente told Mundo Deportivo on Saturday. There was no pressure on him to call up Sergio Ramos simply. Because of his status the 36-year-old centre-back in Spanish football. 

De la Fuente took over as Spain’s coach from Luis Enrique Martinez and the 61-year-old is set to select his first team in March. When they play in the qualifiers for the Spanish champions. Euro 2024 battle with Norway and Scotland. Which has speculation about which players will be called on the list. Among them is Ramos, the 36-year-old Paris Saint-Germain defender who holds the record for 180 appearances for the Spanish side.

‘I don’t really feel the [pressure]. Talking about Sergio Ramos is talking about the history of Spanish football. About the extraordinary, great football player. He is still playing at a very high level. Like any other footballer his age or younger there is the same possibility of being call in.’UFABET

‘You have to see different players with different characters. Which will be combine into that group. But it doesn’t create stress or tension for me to talk about Sergio Ramos or any other older footballers. Whoever comes will be the person I think is the best at building that team. And if it has to be Sergio, it will be.’ De La Fuente said.