What Are Roulette Inside Bets?

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This is the selection that you will find in the numbered betting area next to the Roulette Inside. They are the best roulette bets in terms of the amount of the potential payout. But they also have a lower chance of coming up than the outside bets.

Straight Up Bet

This is a wager where you place the chip on a single number. In European games, this gives you a 36 to 1 chance of winning. While the extra zero in American games increases this to 37 to 1. In terms of the return, expect to earn a 35 to 1 payout if the ball lands on the same number that you bet on. UFABET 

Split Bet

By placing your chip on the line separating two numbers. You bet on both. You will get a return on your wager if the ball lands on either of the two numbers. This pays out at a rate of 17 to 1. The odds of it working out are 17.5 to 1 in European games and 18 to 1 in the American version.

Street Bet

The next inside bet in roulette is a Street Bet. Where you put your money on three numbers in the same row. You do this by putting chips at the end of the row you want to cover on the outside edge. This gives an 11 to 1 payout if the ball lands on any of the chosen three numbers.

Corner Bet

Also known as a square bet, this type of roulette bet has you place your chip in the corner where four numbers meet. This means that you are betting on any of the four numbers coming up, which would result in a payout of 8 to 1.

Six Line Bet

For a Six Line bet, place your chip at the edge of two rows (like a Street bet but covering two rows). If the ball lands on any of the six numbers in those rows, this bet pays out at 5 to 1.